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$750.00 CAD

(Plus applicable taxes)

The reward of a perfectly designed kitchen or bathroom is undeniable. Doing every day tasks in your home becomes the greatest pleasure. Having a powder room with a wow-factor can be great fun for your guests. However, these projects are considerable investments so mistakes can lead to unexpected expenses and there's no undo button. The Habitat Consult is here to help you foresee these issues and avoid any problems from the start.
Get our expert advice on your design inspirations, layout, finishes and fixtures.
*All packages are suitable for one room. In the consult we focus on the rooms you're planning to work on immediately. Viewing any other rooms will take the focus off essential conversations.
Follow these 5 steps to prepare for your Home Consult:

  1. Purchase this package
  2. Schedule the consultation
  3. Gather a few inspiration Images
  4. Discuss the financial investment with all parties involved
  5. Get excited! The fun has officially begun!

What to Expect from the Consult:

  • You'll get from 60 to 120 minutes to discuss one kitchen or bathroom you're ready to work on right away (available in-person or virtually). This allows us to consider every aspect of that space and design it with care, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Walk-through of the entire home is only recommended if you're planning an entire home remodel.
  • This consultation should benefit you as much as possible, so think about what is important to you, have some questions ready with your material selection options so I can review everything with you .
  • The consultation is also your chance to learn about the next steps, and our signature process in the H5 Luxury Full Service Package. We can work on whatever is best for you. Please let us know your specific needs and your ultimate goals for the space so we can best serve you and make the dream a reality!
  • Naveed will ask lots of questions, take notes and also take photos so that she can give thought out options. For a virtual consult you upload pictures and measurements to our system for my review. Our team will write up notes from the discussion and email them to you in a PDF file so you can reference them at your convenience.
  • You will gain access to our helpful presentation 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Remodel where you will learn about common errors people make in their design projects and how you can ensure a successful project!

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